1. Story of FastDiff.

    A delayed project; learnings and diff library

  2. Equality on Error

    A better way to compare errors!

  3. Functor >> Applicative >> Monad

    Short summary

  4. Don't Fear Custom Operator!

    Knowing when to use and not use custom operator

  5. Extensible Analytics Library Design with Tagless final concept

    Lets extend analytics library on both dimension

  6. Testable Interface design with Enums

    Using enums for API design

  7. Monadic Networking: I Promise!

    Linear composition of async tasks using Monad.

  8. Exploring FP: Nomad's Monoid

    Lets hang out with Monoid and see what they are for!

  9. Monadic Computation in Swift. Why?

    Implementing a basic monadic type for network result and discussion

  10. Refactoring MassiveViewController

    Basic approach to refactoring large/legacy view controller