1. Monadic Networking: I Promise!

    Linear composition of async tasks using Monad.

  2. Exploring FP: Nomad's Monoid

    Lets hang out with Monoid and see what they are for!

  3. Monadic Computation in Swift. Why?

    Implementing a basic monadic type for network result and discussion

  4. Refactoring MassiveViewController

    Basic approach to refactoring large/legacy view controller

  5. Functor: Mapping over things!

    Occurances of Functor types in Swift and discussion

  6. Testing Network Calls with URLProtocol

    Intercepting Network Calls to Test!!!

  7. Backend As Service from Scratch

    Running self hosted Parse Server with dashboard.

  8. Precision Timing in iOS & Swift

    A comparison of fast and precise timing API for Swift.

  9. Spicing up OSX terminal experience!

    Would you love to have a fancy and productive CLI? Lets see how.

  10. Why String Manipulation is alien in Swift3?

    Constrasting Range<String.Index> and NSRange API